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Saturday, December 16, 2006

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Guarani Sacred Hymn 3

Chapter III

The true Father Ñamandu, the First,
Having conceived His future earthly dwelling
Out of the wisdom contained in His own divinity,
And due to His creative wisdom,
Caused the earth to be generated from tip of of His staff.
He created an eternal palm at the future center of the earth.
He created a second palm at the dweling of Karaí (the East);
He created an eternal palm at the dwelling of Tupá (West)
At the source of the good winds (N.NE) he created an eternal palm;
At the source of the time-space primeval (South) He created an eternal Palm;
Five eternal palms created He;
To the eternal palm trees the earthly dwelling is tied.


There are seven paradises;
The sky rests on four columns
Its columns are insignia staffs.
The sky that extends itself with the wind
Our Father pushed, sending it back to its place
Having placed at first three columns in Paradise
It still moved;
For that reason He placed four staff columns,
Only after this, the sky was on its due place,
And it no longer moved.


The first being that smeared the earthly dwelling was the original snake;
It is nothing more than its image what we see now on our earth;
The genuine original snake is in the outskirts of our Father’s Paradise.
The First being that sang on the earthly dwelling of our First Father,
The one who for the first time chanted His wailing song on it
Was the “Yrypa” the small red cicada

The red cicada is in the outskirsts of our Father’s Paradise:
It is nothing more than its image what we see in the earthly dwelling.

So being, the “y-amaí” is the owner of the waters,
The maker of waters.
The one that existis on our earth is no longer the true one:
The true one is in the outskirts of our Father’s Paradise
It is nothing more than its image what we see on our earth.

When our Father made the earth
Everything around here was forests, they say there were no fields.
For that reason and so that he worked on the formation of prairies,
Our Father sent the green grasshopper.
Wherever the grasshopper clawed with his inferior mandibule
Forests of pasture were created
Only then the prairies appeared.
The grasshopper celebrated with his chirps the creation of prairies.
The original grasshopper is in the outskirts of our Father’s Paradise
The one that survives to this day is nothing more than an image of him
While the fields appeared,
The first to chant his song in them,
The first to celebrate his appearance
Was the red Quail
The red quail that for the first time chanted its songs in thye prairies
Is now in the outskirts of our Father’s Paradise:
The one that exists in the earthly dwelling is nothing more than its image.
The first to move earth in the earthly dwelling of Our Father
Was the armadillo.
It is no longer the true armadillo the one that exists to this day on our earth:
This is no more than his simple image
The owner of the darkness is the owl
Our Father the Son is the owner of dawn.

Our Father is about to retreat
Into the depths of Paradise;

Because of this he thus spoke;
“Only you, Karaí Ru Ete,
The row of unaccessible flames in which I inspire myself
Will you watch through your children,
The worthy Karaí.
Therefore make they may call themselves “The Masters owners of the Flames”
Say: “They will watch over that which will produce the noise of burning Flames”.
Each Spring cause the rows of flames to “sound”
So that they listen to the cracking of flames
Those well beloved who carry the staff of mascuilinity
Those well beloved who carry the emblem of femininity.
After these things, He told Jakaira Ru Ete:
- Well. You will watch the source of the Mist
That bears the inspired words.
That which I conceived in my solitude
Make your children watch over
The big-hearted Jakaíra.
Therefore let the call themselves
Owners of the mist of the inspired words”
Say to yourself.
After these things,
To Tupa Ru Ete he spoke this way:
-You will have under your responsiblity the wide sea
And all the branches of the wide sea in its totality.
I will cause you to get inspired in the laws
Through which the divinity will be refreshed.
Because of that,
You will repeatedly send to the earthly dwelling
Through your sons, the big-hearted Tupa
That which refreshes
To our well beloved sons,
Our well beloved daughters.
The true Father Ñamandu, the First,
Being about to send down to the earthly dwelling
The science that is good for all generations
Of those who bear the staff of masculinity
The emblem of feminity,
He said to Jakaíra Ru Ete
-Well, in the first place,
You lodge in the first place at the crown
Of our sons and our daughters
The (life-giving) mist.
Each time Spring returns
You will circulate, through your sons,
The big-hearted Jakaíra,
The mist along the earthly dwelling
It is solely because of it
Will our sons, our daughters, prosper.
-Karaí Ru Ete,
You will cause the sacred flames to lodge
In our sons and
Each time spring returns
Through your sons,
The big-hearted Jakaíra,
You cause the circulation of the mist
through the eathly dwelling
Only because of it
Will our sons, our daugheters prosper.

-Karaí Ru Ete,
You will also cuase the sacred flames to lodege
In our beloved sons and beloved daughters
Because of this, my son Tupa Eru Ete.
That which I conceived for refreshment
Make it lodge at the center of the heart
Of our sons

Only thus will the numerous beings
That will rise in the earthly dwelling
Will live in harmony

He said to Jakaíra Ru Ete
-Well, in the first place,
You lodge in the first place at the crown
Of our sons and our daughters
The (life-giving) mist.
Each time Spring returns
You will circulate, through your sons,
The big-hearted Jakaíra,
The mist along the earthly dwelling
It is solely because of it
Will our sons, our daughters, prosper.

-Karaí Ru Ete,
You will also cuase the sacred flames to lodge
In our beloved sons and beloved daughters
Because of this, my son Tupa Ru Ete.
That which I conceived for refreshment
Make it lodge at the center of the heart
Of our sons
Only thus will the numerous beings
That will rise in the earthly dwelling
Will live in harmony

It is only through that which
The laws I have I have pronounced to rule love
Will not produce excessive heat
In our future beloved sons,
In our future beloved daughters.

Having Ñamandu Ru Ete, the First,
Called by their respective names
The true fathers of his future sons,
The true fathers of the words (souls)
Of his future sons,
Each one of them in their respective dwellings, (he said):
- After these things,
After having caused that you be called by your names,
Each one fo you, in your respective dwellings,
You will conceive the laws that will rule the earth
Those who bear the insignia of masculinity
And the emblem of feminity.

After these things,
He inspired the sacred human song
To the true first fathers of his sons
He inspired the sacred song of men.
He inspired the song of women
To the first mothers of his daughters,
so that after this, in truth, all those who will raise
in great numbers on the earth
May prosper.

Gurani Sacred Hymn 2

Chapter II

The true Father Ñamandu, the First
From a small portion of his own divinity
From the wisdom contained in his own divinity
And en virtud of His Creative wisdom
He caused the appearance of flames and thin mist.


Having raised ( taken on the human form),
From the wisdom contained in His own divinity

And en virtud of His creative wisdom
He conceived the origin of human speech.
From the wisdom contained in His own divinity.

Before the earth existed
Our Father created the foundation of the human speech
And He caused it to be part of His own divinity.

Before the earth existed,
Amidst the primeval darkness
Before having knowledge of the things
He created that would be the foundation of the human speech
And the true First Father Ñamandu caused it
To be part of His own divinity


Having conceived the origin of the future human speech,
From the wisdom contained in His own divinity
And en virtud of His creative wisdom,
He conceived the foundation of love.
Before the earth existed,
Amidst the primeval darkness
Even before having knowledge of the things
And en virtud of His creative wisdom
He conceived the origin of love

Having created the foundation of the human speech,
Having created a small portion of love
From the wisdom of contained in His own divinity,
And en virtud of His creative wisdom
The origin of a sole Sacred Hymn, he created, in His solitude
Before the earth existed
Amidst the original darkness
Before the things were known
He created, for Himself, in His solitude the origin of a sacred hymn

Having created, in His solitude, the foundation of human speech;
Having created, in His solitude, a small portion of love;
Having created in his solitude, a short Sacred Hymn,
He reflected profoundly on with whom to share
The foundation of human speech;
On with whom to share the small (portion) of love;
On with whom to share the series of words that would be part of
The Sacred Hymn.
Having profoundly reflected,
Out of the wisdom contained in His own divinity,
And en virtud of His creative wisdom,
He created those who would be companions of His divinity.

Having deeply reflected
Out of the wisdom contained His own divinity,
And en virtd of His creative wisdom,
He created the brave-hearted Ñamandu (s)
He created them simultaneously with the reflex of His wisdom (the sun)

Before the earth existed
Amidst the original darkness,
He created the big-hearted Ñamandu
To be a father of His future numerous sons,
To be true father of the souls of His future numerous sons,
He created the big-hearted Ñamandu.

Right away,
Out of the wisdom contained in His own divinity,
And en virtud of His creative wisdom,
To the true father of the future Karaí
To the true father of the future Jakaíra
To the true father of the future Tupá
He (imparted) the conciousness of his divinity

Right away,
The true Father Ñamandu,
So that she could stand across from His heart
He caused her to be a knower of divinity
The future true mother of the Ñamandu (s)
He made Karaí Ru Ete the knower of divinity
The one who would stand across from His Heart,
The true future mother of the Karaí.
Jakaíra Ru Ete, in the same fashion,
In order to stand across from His heart,
He made the true mother Jakaíra
Knower of the divinity

Tupá Ru Ete, in the same fashion,
Transformed into a Knower of divinity
The true future mother of the Tupá (s)
The one who would seat across from His heart.

For having them assimilated the divine wisdom
From their own First Father;
After havinag assimilated the human speech;
After having inspired in the love;
After having assimilated the series of word of the Sacred Hymn;
After having inspired the foundation of the creative wisdom,
Them do we also call excelcious true fathers of the
Excelsious true mothers of the word-souls.

Guarani Sacred Hymn I

Chapter I

The creation
The Primitive Habits of the Hummmingbird
Our First Father, the Absolute,
Came to be (surgió) in the midst of the primeval darkness

The divine plants of His feet,
The small round seat,
In the midst of the primeval darkness he created
In the course of His evolution.

The reflex of his divine wisdom (Eyes)
The divine hear-it-all (Ear)
The divine palms of his hands with the insignia rod
The divine palm of his hands with the flowering branches (fingers and nails)
Created Ñamandui in te course if his Evolution

In the midst of the Primeval darkness


From his divine excelsior crown the flowers of the adornment were drops of dew
Through the space between the flowers of the divine feather adornments
The primiveal bird, the humminbird, flew fluttering by.

While our First Father created in the course of His evolution His divine body
He existed in the midst of the primitive winds;
Before he had even conceived His futture earthly dwelling,
Before he had even conceived his future firmament
His future land that had originally surged
The hummingbird refreshed his mouth;
He who sustained Ñamandui with products from Paradise was the hummingbird
Our Father Ñamandu, the First, before having created his future paradise
In the course of His evolution,
He saw no darkness:
Though the sun did not exist
He existed illumined by the reflex of His own heart;
He caused it to seve as the wisdom inside His own divintity.

The true Father Ñamandu, the First,
Existed amidst the original winds,
Where the Owl stopped to rest it produced darkness;
He made it to have prescience of the bed of darkness (night)

Before having the true Father, the First,
Created in the course of his evolution His future Paradise;
Before having created the first Earth
He existed amidst the original winds,
The original wind in which our Father existed is found
Each time one meets the primitive time-space.

Each time one gets to the resurging of the primitive time-space.
While the primitive time ends, during the flowering of the Lapacho,
The winds move to the new time-space:
The new winds surge, the new time-space;

Then happens the resurrection of the new time-space.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

On the road

I have been invited by the Secretary of Tourism of the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, to be part of a caravan that will board a bus bound for Cascavel, Londrina, Maringá and Finally Curitiba. The caravan is offering a roadshow and workshop for travel agents of the cities the group visits. I will be working not only to promote the book but also and mainly to spread the word of Iguassu Falls as World's Sacred Peace and Power Place. The photograph I have posted is for me a visual interpretation of my feelings about the sacredness and secret, multidimensional reality of Y-Guassu, the Falls.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Cover

This is the cover of the book "The Secret Y-Guassu - Iguassu Falls as a Chakra of the Earth", by Jackson Lima, partly available in this blog for online reading or printing, if desired.

Iguassu Falls is a Guarani Sacred Place located between what now are Argentina and Brazil in what the author call, without offending Guyana, also called by the same name, the Land of Many Waters, one of the hidden meanings of Y-Guassu.

The entire book will be availabe through sooner than later but it is nature that sets the pace. So I never know, all the best. Rights Reserved.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


This blog and the Secret Y-Guassu book are dedicated to Adama, the High Priest of Telos — the spiritual leader in the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. He is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos.
Also an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our Star Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the globe.
Adama, along with his Lemurian team are also in charge of the creation and maintenance of a very important crystalline grid around this planet. He is working with many members of various galactic and interplanetary beings on this important project.
Adama is a blue ray ascended master of universal level, a master of Love and Compassion, assisting humanity and the planet with the ascension project. Telos has now become the main headquarters for ascension on this planet, and Adama is one of the main leaders, along with the planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, and so many others.
Adama embodies the “Heart of Lemuria” which is nothing less than the heart of love and compassion and the heart of the Divine Mother, the return of the Christ consciousness on this planet with all its wondrous magnificence.
Adama’s time to be known and heard on the surface of this planet has now come. His spiritual presence among us, and the spiritual presence of our former Lemurian family is a great blessing for us all and for the planet. Let’s open our hearts to Adama and to the members of our Lemurian family who are assisting us in our evolutionary pathway, waiting to reconnect with us in a more physical manner in the years to come. I have taken this text from Aurelia Louise Jones' site. For French information click here. Adama's image was painted by Glenda Green. As for myself, I feel inspired by Adama to carry on with the work of bringing Iguassu Falls back to its important role of being a great Light Corner of the Universe. If anyone has any way to help through this project I'd love to hear from you.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chapter I

Chapter I
of Jackson Lima's Book:
The Secret Y-Guassu
Iguassu Falls as a
Sacred Peace and Power Place

The purpose of this little book is to introduce you to the Y-Guassu that is a World Peace and Power Place. That is to diferentiate the Sacred Y-guassu from the Iguassu Falls seen only as world-class fine Tourist Destination. Iguassu Falls have become a tourist destination and started to attract world attention only in the early 1900s. But for thousands of years before that, the Guarani Indians of several different nations, have considered the Y-Guassu as the most sacred place on Earth.

Anywhere on the Earth, it is possible to be connected to God. But only in Y-Guassu God is present. In Y-Guassu God can be heard. God can be felt. God is there. And this idea continues to be the idea of Y-Guassu as a Sacred Place for the Guarani Indians. They seldom come to the Falls because of the reality in which they have been living for the last 500 years or so. But whenever they do, God is there, talking to them, filling them, replenishing them and causing them to remember their true nature as true sons and daughters of Ñamandú Rú Etê, of Ñamandú Guazú – the true and great father.

Ñamandú is the creator, the reason behind everything. He is the One that created and sustains everything. Rú means “father”. Etê means “true” and Guazú means “great”. So Ñamandu is the true great father. And Ñamandu is heard at the World Peace and Power Shrine, Sanctuary, Cathedral, Temple of Y-Guassu. Everything that was with Ñamandu in the days when he created the universe, can be seen at this Y-Guassu Power Temple.

First look at the water. In the Guarani language, one of the 150 Indian languages spoken in Brazil, water is “Y”. Just that. This “Y” is to be pronounced as a gutural, throat-produced sound hard to be reproduced phonetically, in this page. If you are a traveller and happen to be in the Iguassu Area, ask someone to pronounce that for you. You can either ask a Guarani or Tupi Indian to pronounce that for you or you can ask any Paraguayan citizen who speaks Guarani. But the important thing to remember is that “Y” is water. And “Guazú” is big. When seeing the Iguassu Falls, the Guarani sees only “Y-Guazu”. The word “Falls” is not present. And that is why we make a difference here between “Y-Guassu, the Sacred Peace and Power Place and Iguassu Falls of travel guides, travel agencies, of the travel industry, of geographical maps, of political planners and “developers”.

Continuing on with the “things” that were with Ñamandu in the days of creation, we have the Sacred Hummingbird whose wings still flap around as the Mano´i continues his task of bringing nectar food from Paradise to feed Ñamandu as He creates himself. Be respectful, thoughtful, mindful if you see a hummingbird at the Sacred Y-Guassu.

Also at the Sacred Y-Guassu we can remember the creation of the Universe by looking at the most sacred of the trees created by Ñamandu Guazú: the Pindó. Pindovy (Queen Palm). In the beginning Ñamandu planted five pindó palms in the five original directions of the Universe: South,North, East, West and Center (Yes, center is a direction, a place in the universe).

Also present at Y-Guassu are the Sacred Refreshing and Creative Mists, the Sacred Rainbow, the Crackling of the burning flames, the paradise dwellings of the Spirit Beings created by Ñamandu with the mission to prepare the Earth for its future inhabitants. The multidimensional Sacred Mists of Y-Guassu can be seen by every person that visits this Sacred Place. In its material aspect the Mists are the Mists that results from the great amount of water pouring into the abyss of the Earth created millions of years ago, after million of years of planetary upheavel and suffering.

In the spiritual, shamanic sense, the Mists of Y-Guassu represent the smoke that comes out of the sacred pipe and that ascends heavenward bridging the two worlds – the world of Ñamandu and spiritual beings and the world of ours, spiritual beings living in bodies of matter. The Mists also symbolize the vital energy that surrounds us, encompasses us, circles about us, permeates us – in which we float like fish in an acquarium or like babies floating in the all-encircling amniotic liquid. When you look at the Mists from a distance you might see them ahead but if you get closer you will find out that the Mists are all over. In later pages we will talk about how to capture the Mists and their misty energy, how to connect to them, how to use them and how to send them to people you love anywhere on Earth, anytime in space.

Chapter II

Chapter II
Seven Chakras of the Earth
As above, so below

Verba secretorum Hermetis verum, sine mendacio, certum et verissimum:
quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius;
et quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius,
ad perpetranda miracula rei unius.
- Tabula Smaragdina

“It is true and without deceit, certain and most true: What is below is like what is above and what is above is like unto what is below and by these things occurs the miracle of just one thing”
According to this famous quotation, what is above is like what happens below and vice-versa. This is the key to understanding the unity of everything in the Universe”[1]. In chapter one we discussed the Sacredness of Y-Guassu according to the Guarani shamanic tradition and the vision that Y-Guassu is something that does not need names. The River, the Falls, the Mist, Rain, Thunder are all connected to water. And even you – with your physical, supposedly material body made up of 80% water. This is a water world.

In this chapter we wish to reafirm the Sacredness of Y-Guassu [Falls] also from other world perspectives. And one such perspectives is the one that uses the concept of Chakras or energy vortexes both in the human body and on the Planet or anywhere in the Universe. According to hindu beliefs our subtle body contains over 70.000 subtle energy channels – called nadis – that transport the vital life force called Prana to all parts of the subtle body. In several places, many of those thousands of channels (nadis) intersect forming the matrix of the subtle body. These major intersections are called chakras. Our gross bodies are formed from the manifestation of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) around these intersections or chakras. In the human subtle body there are seven major chakras and each is associated with specific functions of the physical body.

Likewise the material Earth, the Universe, the stars, insects and everything else that there exists work according to this very same principle. The Earth has a subtle body with thousands of subtle energy channels that transport this Earth energy to the whole Planet and to the conscious part of the Earth who are its people. Those thousands of Earth’s subtle energy channels do intersect in hundreds or thousands of places. And as it is with the body of humans so it is with the body of the Earth. Each of these intersections are power or energy vortexes also called chakras. The body of our physical Earth began to manifest itself from this subtle energy matrix.

Iguassu Falls, or plainly Y-Guassu, in the shamanic Path, is one such Chakra of the Earth. Y-Guassu is one of these Power Vortexes of the Earth and, why not, of the Universe. This Power or Subtle Energy Vortex is ready to act on your complex systems of personal chakras – or personal votexes of personal subtle universal energies. Even people who are completely unaware or even totally unconscious of this will report that they have felt elated or great at Y-guassu. Many people cry. Many people say that they feel the presence of God. Many people remember important things in their lives – things that are invaluably important for them. Very few people will ever stand before Y-Guassu without witnessing something special.

There are thousands of Power Places or Places of Peace and Power around the Earth. Esoteric traditions single out seven such places to be the seven main chakras of the Earth. The chakras as singled out by different traditions may vary. But most people accept the seven main Chakras of the Earth as being: Mount Shasta, Lake Titicaca, Uluro Kattjuta, Glastonbury, Great Pyramid, Kuh-e-Malek Siah and Mount Kailash. Mount Shasta in California (USA) is the Chakra number one, Lake Titicaca in today’s Bolivia and Peru is Chakra number two, Uluro Kattjuta in Australia is Chakra number three, Glastonbury in England is Chakra number four, the Great Piramyd of Khufu in Egypt is Chakra number five, the little known and somewhat troubled mountain of Kuh-e-Malek Siah at the Triple Border area of Iran-Pakistan-Afeghanistan is Chakra number six and the glorious Mount Kailash in Tibet is chakra of the Earth number seven.

There are still big auxiliary chakras connected to the five elements and many other chakras around the world honored as Sacred Sites, or Sacred Places of Peace and Power. Y-Guassu is one of these sacred auxiliary sacred sites along with Machu Pichu, hundreds of Scred sites dotting the Andean Mountains from what today is Chile all the way to Colombia, in the Amazon jungle, as well as in the Brazilian central plateau which includes the city of Brasília. Unfortunately this book does not have enough room to explore all of these Sacred Places and important energy vortexes in South America or even Brazil.

But what we can do and will do right now is to ask you to help the Y-Guassu Power Vortex to become stronger so that It can help more people in their personal processes of personal healing, group healing and the healing of the Planet which is both urgent and necessary.

As we have lamented in the beginning of this book, the idea of Y-Guassu as a Place of Peace and Power, a Sacred Place or a Vortex of Divine Energy has lost ground and, throughout the last century, has only been seen as a tourist destination whose only mission was to be able to compete with Disneyworld or with man-built infrastructure around Niagara Falls and to able to provide money for those members of a minority who had been lucky enough to arrive in time to grab the best piece of the cake.

What the Earth’s Power Place Y-Guassu needs right now is the help of your intent or intention. It needs that you enter the Sacred Place with an open heart, open head, open spirit and aware that the place is full of energy for you and that you may take all the energy being offered, keep part of it, circulate it, send as a gift to the people you love, to the countries who need and to the Earth that also needs our love. Y-Guassu is a limitless source of Pranic Creative Mist Energy.

That brings to mind that part of Our Lord’s Prayer that says: “Let your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven”. Again the below-as-above model. All the big principles of life occurs likewise all over the universe – in the as-below-like-above fashion. There is just one law. According to most of the Earth traditions, the human body has thousands of power points that serve the purpose of processing the huge universal energies that allows us all to be alive. To these traditions, the human body has seven major energy points called chakras. In a similar fashion, as Trimegistus’ law of what is below is like that which is above and vice-versa, we are perfect copies of the universe, the planet and solar systems. The Earth as a living organism also has these major seven chacras – or power places just like our subtle bodies.

Esoteric traditions believe in this and even goes to the extent of pinpointing which places of the Earth are such main power places. In this sense Mountain Shasta, in California is the world chacra number one and corresponds to the Chakra number one in the human body known is the Base Chakra.

The Titicaca Lake on the border of Bolivia and Peru is Earth’s Chakra number two and corresponding to your Chakra number two known as the Navel Chakra.

Across the Pacific Ocean and more specifically in today’s Australia, we will find the Earth’s Chakra number three. It is the Uluro Kattjuta formations known by the name of Ayers Rock and the Olgas both part of the Uluro Kattjuta National Park. This chakra of the Earth corresponds to your third Chakra also as the Solar Plexus chakra.

Earth’s chakra number four is a long distance away from Uluro Kattjuta. It is locates in Glastonbury and Shaftesbury in the area of Sommerset, England. That is the Earth’s heart Chacra that corrrespond to your that very important Chakra in your body conneceted to your phsysical heart.

The Earth Chakra number five is the area of modern day Egypt where the Great Pyramid is located. The Pyramid itself is the Chacra. Its correspodence in your beautiful, god-given body is the area around your throat – the Throat Chakra. Similarly, the great pyramid as the Throat Chacra of the Earth

Chacra Six is the Kuh-e-malek Siah a not so tall mountain located in the Tri-point area of Iran, Afhganistan and Pakistan in the land of the Baluchi people.

Finally in this seven-chakra voyage across and around the body of the Earth we come to the Seventh Chakra, Mount Kailash in Tibet. A most sacred place for Hindus, Budhists and the prebuddhist, Shamanic bon po tradition. So we end this rather fast and short description of the Earth’s main seven chacras, revalidating Y-Guassu as an important auxiliary chakra of the Planet.

[1] This a free translation of the opening verse of Tabula Smaragdina
Glossary to words and terms used in
the Secret Y-Guassu Universe

Ayvu Rapytá – See Beautiful Words
Beautiful words – Ñẽ’ẽ porã in the Mby'a Guarani language. That is how the Mby’a Guarani Sacred Hymn is called. It is also referred to as the Ayvu Rapytá – which brings to mind the idea or remebrance of the first or primeval sound connected to the myth of creation.

Chakra – Wheel in Sanskrit. They are vortexs of energy formed in places of interconnection of the main nadis. The human subtle body has seven main chakras. The Earth – Gaia, as a living body also has these subtle channels and those places of interconection and encounter of these channels called Chakras of the Earth. Y-Guassu is one such chakra. The Earth is seen by several traditions as having seven of these main chakras.

– Kua’arará – sacred sound in Mbyá-guarani. Kua’á means knowledge. And rara means enlightenment or clarity. Together the two words represent the concept of creativity for the Mbyá-guarani which might bring to mind the idea of an enlightened knowledge, attitudes in life due to this kind of knowledge, the paying of attention to one’s words and deeds, thoughts,energies and vibrations.

Creative Mist – The physical manifestation of the Creative Mist are the mists at the Iguassu Falls. They represent the Spirit, the Breath of life, Prana, Baraka, Blessings. In this book, the Iguassu Falls are reffered to as the Source of the Creative Mist.

Gaia – the Earth. Theory developed by James Lovelock according to which the Earth is a living organism and we are all part of it.

Land of Many Waters – this term is used in this book as a way to substitute the “Triple Border” or “Three Frontiers”. It corresponds to, in the author’s viwew, the (today) trination region easily identified by the following characteristics: to be on the basalt rocks of the Paraná Structural Basin , to be found under the culural, economic and physical influence of the Paraná and Iguassu Rivers; to be an area influenced by the Guarani language and culture. To be convered by Soutrhern Atlantic subptropical humid forests, to have a tendency to have fertile red soil and the abundance of waterfalls and waterbodies both big and small. The first time this term has been used by the author in 1998 after releasing the book “In the Land of Many Waters”. The term is also used independently as a literal meaning for the word Guyana in Northern South America. The term for Y-Guassu as being the Land of Many Waters was not copied from the Arawak language word. Y-Guassu (Y – Water and Guassu, big) also brings to the Guarani mind the idea of big as multitudinous, as many and plentiful.

Manifestation – In this book refers to and substitutes words like “saltos” or “cataracts

Mano’í – The Sacred hummingbird. The Sacred Hummingbird mentioned in the Beautiful Words as the one who fed Ñamandu with nectar brought from Paradise as Ñamandu slowly created a human-like body for himself. Before he created the Word, a little potion of Love and a Hymn. Sometimes, the Mano’í and Ñamandu are the same person.

Mantra – Energetically and vibration-charged words or sounds that helps one to attain certain states of consciousness and or well being.

Marma – Your body has 107 marmas divided into 18 regions. The chakras are found in this marmas regions. Or, puitting in another way the chakras are larger according to Ayurveda. Marmas are control points through which,and if we know how, we can work them in relation to the flow of prana (Chi, Baraka, Mist, Ki). Each marma works on nadis, chakras and both physical and subtle organs.

Mboi – Snake. That is where the word “boa” comes from. Brazilian Portuguese adopted the word that is written as “bóia”. All boas but mainly the “constrictors” are considered sacred not only to the Guarani but to many other cultures. In many tribes they are connceted to creation myths. In the Legend of Iguassu Falls, as told today,despite imperfections, Mboi is a deity (not God).

Mboicy – Also written “Boicí”. Mboi’s mother. Cy is “mother” in Guarani. The name of a river that crosses Foz do Iguaçu. Is also the name of a central district in the city. The word may have suffered the influence of religious syncretism as someone not very familiar with linguistic subtleties possibly tried to associate Mboicy, Mother of Mbói to Mother of God.Possibly thinking that the word meant god.

Mirĩ (Mee’reen) – Small, adjective used after the word it qualifies.

– Tatachina in Guarani. Also means “smoke” in the non-sacred,daily Guarani.

Mist seeker – The conscious visitor to Y-Guassu. Those who are aware of the value of the mists and seeks them and come to bathe in them and refresh in them.

Moconá – Saltos ou Cataratas no lado argentino da Terra das Muitas Águas que desemboca no rio Uruguai. No Brasil conhecidos como Salto Yucumã. Acesso no Brasil por Itapiranga (RS) na Argentina pela província de Misiones.

Monday – As in Monday Falls – Falls cataracts on the Monday River on the Paraguayan side of the Land of Many Waters. Monday is a Guarani Word that means “stolen water”. Not a day of the week.

Nadis – channels through which the universal subtle energy flows. There are thousands of nadis in our subtle bodies.

Ñamandu (Nyah – man - dooh’) – The supreme personality of God

Ñamandu Mirĩ –The small or mini-Ñamandu. The supreme God’s presence inside you. The God within.

Secondary chakra – Thousands os secondary or lesser chakras or energy vortexes are scattered all over the subtle body of Gaia and Nature, be it a body, a Planet, an animal or a Galaxy.

Source of the Creative Mist – Name adopted in this book for Iguassu Falls.

Y – water in Guarani. The primeval sound of this word is a mantra or a soul sound that colrresponds to LAM, the Sanskrit mantra for the base chakra.
Y-Guassu – In this writing, Y-Guassu refers to the world-renowned Iguassu Falls as a Sacred Place; to Y-Guassu as the Earthly manifestation of the balanced power-protection principle present everywhere in Nature and also within us; without any ties to the problems associated to the concept of Iguassu as used by materialistic civilizations. In this writing the important thing is that the original sacred soul sound “Y” is preserved. The ending “guassu” can be written in any way you want as explained on the note on spelling in this book. It is highly advisable that you contact a Paraguayan national or someone that speaks Guarani or any language in the Tupi-Guarani language family in order to hear the original “Y” sound. This sound corresponds to the vibration of the base chakra that is the dwelling of this sound. The Sanskrit equivalent of this soul sound is LAM. The hyphenated word indicates that “Y-Guassu” is more than a word, It is a complete phrase, it is also a prayer and a mantra.


The author is a journalist, writer and translator by profession and has, off and on, lived in Foz do Iguacu since 1977. Among his experience are years of tourist guiding in Iguassu, Amazonas and Pantanal; living with Indians in the Brazil-Peru-Colombia-Triple Border area.

Leading kayak, nature and birdwatching tours in Amazonia and the Pantanal and done several kayak solo crossings (good meditation), what brought him to a quieter perception of the environment, solitude and silence; little by little developping his ideas of eco-spirituality, ecophilosophy and his personal ecosophy.

All led him to open up for the understanding of subtler energy forms. Today he talks on the subject and organizes the Reconnection Experiential Groups (REG/GVRs) which includes visits to Y-Guassu and other Sacred Places. The search for subtle energies has led him into healing and therapies. He has a practice in Ayurvedic Massage and Watsu™ besides being a Reiki Master / Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing, Ascension and Kundalini Tantra Reiki™. He is a shaman Master/ Teacher in the Ama Deus Shamanic Healing (Uirapuru) Tradition of the Guarani People. This book was written with the intention to support those who are willing to see in the Iguassu Falls and other brother-sister sacred places – more than just tourist attractions.

It was written also in the hope that it will help save the Iguassu Falls (Yes, they are endangered) and promote its ecological health and spiritual peace. The book is offered as a prayer for the healing of the Planet and all of her people which includes you.



I would like to thank the same people that I have thanked in my Portuguese edition which have included Ticunas (Magüta), Yaguas, Huitotus (Maruí), Tucanos, Mirañas from the Amazon (Brazil, Colombia and Peru), also the Kadiweus and Terenas from the Pantanal area of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil) and the Guarani people living in the three-country area (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay) who live under the real or subtle influence of sacred Iguassu Falls. In this edition I would like to add the Maka Indians from Paraguay and the readers, friends and other people who have helped and assisted with the success of the Portuguese edition. Thanks mainly to the Center for the Studies of Higher Studies of Conscienciology main organizer of the 1st Iguassu International Book Fair where the book was first presented. Also in this thank-you list I do deeply owe a lot to the press people from the Iguassu area. Special thanks to friends Fernando Martin and Ruth Sanches from Martin Travel (Brazil), Corine Lang from Australia, Valmor Sparrenberger, the staff, my wife Neusa Storch, my children both grown-ups and little ones, also grandsons and grand-daughters. Finally I thank the Universe for the blessings, the chance to write this, for dear health, friends and life.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Indians prepare to War

A group of 54 Guarani Indians are ready for war. The group entered the Iguassu National Park and World Heritage Site about a month ago in order to press for solution to their long-standing land problems. Ever since Indians have been accused of "invaders" of the National Park by Park authorities. The Guarani Inadians are armed with bow and arrows and say that they are ready to fight. This blog wants to inform world opinion of the situation. More to come. But just remember that even Unesco is fostering understanding between World Heritage Sites and Native Peoples' Sacred Sites. Check the link to Sacred Land on the links area. See also Martin Gray for more understanding and Albert Coon's great World Alchemy site for Earth Chacra activation the ongoing Earth transformation. May Peace Prevail in the Iguassu National Park and all over the Earth.